What people think of CareMate Home Healthcare

Thank you for the much improved care and attention that CareMate Home Health Care has provided my husband since Robin (CareMate Staffing coordinator) has been there. We are thankful for your service to us. We had a rocky time in the beginning 6-7 years ago but now its A-OK. Continue the good work guys!

I have been a client of CareMate since 2009 and at first I was kind of apprehensive. However, my prayers were answered once I started receiving care from my PCA from CareMate. She is really awesome and takes great care of me.

I appreciate and realize the need for services like yours(CareMate). Elders are too often ignored and forgotten.


I have been with CareMate since 2011 when I had a replacement hip surgery. I had the most caring and nice nurse and also had a great Homemaker. She is the best and is very caring and warm towards me and is great to talk to. Thank you CareMate!


We Care

CareMate strives to provide culturally appropriate support that assists individuals with health care needs in order to maintain their independence in the community and remain in their own homes. Services will be correlated to minimize institutional placement, be efficiently provided to achieve optimal comfort and simultaneously deliver high quality care in a cost-effective approach.

CareMate itself is a unique Home Health Care Agency that is dedicated to serve the needs of its patients with utmost priority.  It understands the intricacies of our health care and care delivery system and is therefore equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide quality care. All of our licensed personnel are cross-culturally trained for skilled assessment. Our care delivery model is focused on quick recovery from acute illnesses, health promotion and maintenance from a holistic perspective. Patient education is a central part of this model and patients are encouraged to participate in setting personalized goals to promote and maintain optimal functional status in his or her place of residence.

CareMate Home Health Care, Inc.’s turnover is minimal, which is an added factor in maintaining consistency in the safe delivery of care. Our staff’s performance with direct cares has been exemplary. Our staff have demonstrated a high degree of dependability and adjustment to meet individual patient’s needs. A combination of Community Resources and CareMate’s expertise will be able to further enhance safe, efficient and quality care to the population served.

Caring for humanity